Hi! I’m Volkan Özçelik

breaker, maker, nerd, coder, streamer, connector, speaker, writer…
JavaScript-lover, and performance freak

Quick Links

About Me

I’ve been in the industry since 2003;
and this is the place where I brag about all the cool stuff I do.

So far, I’ve created mobile and web front-ends; played with SQL/NoSQL data stores; created solutions to improve scalability and performance of both front end, and also back-end systems.

Some call this being a “fullstack developer”, or a “unicorn developer”. And although I love unicorns, I don’t call myself as such:

I am an engineeer and I solve problems. The context and the location, the origin, or the nature of the problems are orthogonal to the approaches I take in solving them.

It is curiosity, asking the right questions, forming ideas, refining those ideas based on measurements and evidence is what matters.

I am curious and I choose and use the right thing for the right job. — I use tools, not rules — And every once in a while, I make my own tools. — That’s who I am :).

I believe in the beauty of simplicity (both in code and also in design); and I am a performance enthusiast: My passion is to create fast, responsive, intuitive interfaces, tools, and applications that millions love and use.

While doing all these, I love to write amazingly well-organized JavaScript code.

Currently, I’m a Technical Lead at Cisco;
I live in the lovely Mountain View, CA; I work at San Francisco.

I Cast

I monthly publish Byte-Sized JavaScript:
a short (five-to-ten minuntes per episode), yet information-packed,
screencast about JavaScript and related technologies.

I Talk

I love to talk about…

If you are interested just shoot me an email.
I am highly motivated:
I can talk for three slices of pizza, and some beer ;).

My Talks

Here are some of the talks I’ve given so far:

Scaling Your Node.JS API Like a Boss »»
You would not want your service to be unusable at precisely the wrong time
— while everyone is watching — would you? ;)
Then watch a video recording of my talk O’Reilly Fluent Conf talk
on Node.JS, performance, scalability, complexity and consistency.
Here’s the talk’s official page that gives some additional information.
You can also download the accompanying source code, if you like.
The Secrets of High Performance Mobile JavaScript Applications »»
Learn the rules like a pro, so that you can break them like an artist ;)
My talk on mobile performance at #html5devconf 2014.
You may want to watch a more recent talk of mine on the same topic
/~from #forwardjs 2014/;
You can also download the accompanying source code.
The Modern Hacker's Guide to The Universe »»
Talked about a practical approach to surviving a hackathon at #hack4good 0.5.
Mobile Application Performance Tips »»
A talk that I gave at #hack4good 0.2.
Efficient JavaScript @udemy »»
A 3-hour workshop that I’ve given to udemy engineers;
download the accompanying source code from GitHub.
Efficient JavaScript @jive »»
A condensed version of the above, presented at Jive Software HQ.
JavaScript Widget Development Best Practices »»
A conference about widget development that I’ve given at JStanbul 2012.

I Write

JavaScript Interview Questions

I have a book about JavaScript Interview Questions; and here is its story:

In the last couple of years I have been to at least a hundred technical interviews on JavaScript Engineering, Front-End Development, and related positions. So, rather than giving some HR Manager’s perspective on what interviews should look like, I wanted to hand over the reader the red pill and tell what the JavaScript Engineering interviews really are.

Nowadays, I am more into videocasting.

I feel like times have changed, and we’ve started to prefer to consume audiovisual content to reading books. — I find this, kind of, sad; yet, it’s a side effect of our progressive evolution. — Maybe books will become more visual, and more interactive in the near future; who knows.

To adapt this change, the majority of my “writing time
now goes to videocasting »».

Additionally, I’ve done technical editing for a bunch of books; published articles; and I’ve written guest blog posts and articles in various mediums.

I {[Code]}

Oh, by the way, I am a relentless side projector.

Most of my side projects are open source
and I maintain them either under my personal GitHub account,
or under the Byte-Sized JavaScript organization’s GitHub account.

If you want to contribute or share your comments and suggestions,
you are more than welcome to do so.