Volkan Özçelik

Hi! I'm Volkan Özçelik

Jack of all Trades, Samurai of JavaScript.

I've been creating mobile and web front-ends, since 2003;
and this is the place where I brag about all the cool stuff I do.

I believe in the beauty of simplicity; and I love to architect responsive and intuitive user interfaces, driven by amazingly well-organized JavaScript code.

Currently, I'm a Mobile Software Engineer at Jive Software;
I live in the lovely Mountain View, CA; and I work at Palo Alto.

I Write

I have a book about JavaScript Interview Questions; and here is its story:

In the last couple of years I have been to at least a hundred technical interviews on JavaScript Engineering, Front-End Development, and related positions. So, rather than giving some HR Manager's perspective on what interviews should look like, I wanted to hand over the reader the red pill and tell what the JavaScript Engineering interviews really are.

I also have a mostly JavaScript-related technical blog o2js.com that I regularly update.

Oh, by the way, o2.js is a JavaScript Framework that I have been maintaining as a side project, along with my many other side projects.

I Talk

I love to talk about…

  • JavaScript Engineering;
  • Web Application Performance and Speed;
  • And Web Application Development Best Practices.

If you are interested just shoot me an email.
I am highly motivated:
I can talk for three slices of pizza, and some beer ;).

Here are a group of slideshows from some of the talks I've given so far:

External JavaScript Widget Development Best Practices »»
(a conference about widget development that I've given at JStanbul 2012)
Efficient JavaScript @udemy »»
(a 3-hour workshop that I've given to udemy engineers)
Efficient JavaScript @jive »»
(a condensed version of the above, presented at Jive Software HQ)